Why The Market Now Demands Custom Solutions And How To Get The Perfect One

While their beginnings may go back thousands of years, oil and mining industries have changed and grown at such a high rate in modern times that if our ancestors could see them today, they would likely have a difficult time recognizing them. The dynamic climate of the modern world means that new technology must of superior quality, easily available, and able to not only meet new production demands, but they must also hold fast to more advanced safety and environmental principles than ever before. Working in rugged, outdoor jobs in the mining and oil industries has always required character and a certain level of gumption. Possible mishaps ranging from flooding, falling rocks, explosions, entrapment, and spills can make a season of poor weather look like a minor event. This challenge is currently being dealt with by powerful technology and it is changing a whole industry. Competence is not opulence; it is a requirement in order to stay competitive. Various experts say that it is likely that wholly robotic operations in oil and mining-without any humans present on site-will soon become our reality. In addition to that, these operations will be able to operate in such harsh environments as uncharted parts of the ocean to unidentified parts of outer space. Not only would people be less efficient in some of these locations, but some of these places are completely inhospitable to life, therefore making man-made technology open up a new arena of potential. While we have yet to reach that point, it is not far away from actualizing itself. Once upon a time a single person or quite a few people were necessary to control a variety of machines to make sure the job was done, today one machine can merge the power of these different pieces of equipment within a single machine. While many companies have yet to catch on to this innovative way of thinking, some pioneers are already influencing this field. Companies like Canadian owned and operated Acura Embedded Inc. are leading the way in this changing market. Acura Embedded Inc. designs and produces rugged industrial computers, interactive touch screen products, and digital video recorders for use in unforgiving environments and severe conditions. They serve a variety of customers, including oil-gas and mining companies. Founder Preet Thind says, “Acura provides industrial computing solutions for harsh environments. Our strength is custom solutions for the engineers of automation; we ask our partners and customer about their wish list and always deliver. With over 20 years of experience in industrial computers, we are very much confident that we can convert our customers’ wish list into reality in a very short period of time.” Acura Embedded Systems knows that speed and the absence of human error are two chief requirements for companies to sustain significance in the market of today. They have developed avant-garde computers that are quicker, sturdier, and safer on the job site. The traditional approach and equipment may have been valuable at one time, but they are not adequate to guarantee a company’s place as a foremost competitor today. Despite the fact that many companies still continue to sell numerous products to complete numerous tasks, Acura Embedded Inc. has taken competence to a new level by developing products like the AcuPanel15 HB Rig Computer, which combine the features of three separate machines into one. This heater-free, fanless, touch-screen computer is complete with manifold features. It is also configured with third party Noralis Inc. and Microhard Inc. boards for Gordon Technologies. Acura Embedded Systems computers beyond doubt speak for themselves, proving their worth again and again. If you are looking for effectiveness and endurance in your rugged technology, then Acura is for you. Contact one of our pleasant sales reps to find out more.