Using The Best Equipment is Crucial to Successfully Fighting Fires

Few places understand the ravages of annual forest fires the way that Californian residents do. Right on time, each winter, the Santa Ana winds blow across Los Angeles, exacerbating terrible fires that cause many LA residents to lose their homes, leaving charred remains where proud homes and successful businesses once stood. The brave men and women fighting these fires have a hard mission that they valiantly take on again and again, risking their own lives in the process. It is essential that they use the finest equipment available to fight these frequent fires. The CAL FIRE fire fighters have dedicated themselves to battling the flames across over 31 million acres of California’s privately-owned wild lands. Because of the department’s size and major incident experience, this well trained team is often called up to help with assisting in disasters that are well outside of their jurisdiction-these include fires, earthquakes, train derailment, toxic spills, and much more. Their dedication is to protect life and property, with their tireless consistent work continuing to speak for itself. Whether it is from a truck or a plane, CAL FIRE fights fires like few can. It is of the utmost importance for them to have access to the best equipment possible, and not all rugged computers on the market today are created equal. That is why CAL FIRE uses the AcuBrite15 by Acura Embedded Inc. to operate their life-saving systems. They need a computer that will function day after day, even under the direst of circumstances. The AcuBrite15 is more than able to carry out all that is required for the intense emergency situations that CAL FIRE faces every day. Its 1600 NITs Brightness capability is crucial to maintain screen visibility. The IP65 Front Panel and Aluminum Chassis protects the computer from outside forces, and the -40C to 60C Operating Temperature allows the AcuBrite15 to continue to function no matter how hot or cold the environment might be. The Dial/Auto/Screen Brightness Control makes it easy for the operator to adjust the computer to the current working environment. It contains 9~30 CD Variable Power Input and it has an LED Resistive Touch Screen, making the AcuBrite15 the best rugged solution to these challenges. The AcuBrite 15 performs impeccably in the most severe of hot and cold conditions, having been tested to carry on working at -40C to 60C, unlike other computer screens on the market today. This is needed in rugged work situations where extreme temperature fluctuations can often be a daily occurrence. Second to none, this computer will outlive and do better than each and every one of its competitors. Designed to flourish in rugged and high-stress environments, the AcuBrite contains features such as the instant dimming dial for night time viewing, as well as an external USB port, and the rugged aluminum enclosure. The AcuBrite15 not only delivers results, it goes beyond expectations. With safety situations involving fires (or anything else), you simply cannot afford to take a risk on a piece of unproductive technology. Contact us to learn more.