Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The World’s Most Powerful Tool- WordPress

There are people who feel that the future of WordPress can be seen as a web operating system. Do you know what WordPress actually is? Well, WordPress was first released on the 27th of May, 2003 after which it soon became the top Content Management System around the globe. Currently, it is being used by more than a 72 million sites, which publish new content every second. The length of the blog doesn’t matter. Its content management system has turned out to become extremely well-known among business firms because of its strong and accessible tools. WordPress is also considered to be the most perfect content management system software choice for non-blogging websites over the past few years. In case, you require help regarding your wordpress website or blog creation and customization, you can seek help from AppSierra, an expert SEO and web development company in India. Open-Source Program It isn’t important whether you are launching a brand new online business or a new blog. The truth behind WordPress being a worldwide open-source software is cent per cent true and 5 times more profitable. The best thing is this that its completely free and will be available without any hidden charges, even if the website becomes Google’s most SEO friendly website. This means that you can develop, improve, or change the code source in order to build the correct site according to your requirements. More than that, you don’t need to hire any technicians, web developers or designers for launching or maintaining your website. Dominant For Updating WordPress is a little different from all the other content management systems. It must be used immediately after the latest installation. The updates are so simple to install that even amateur beginners can do it. This means that users don’t need to confirm, install and then configure a wide list of add-ons for simply acquiring a number of features. WordPress contemplates principles like Really Simple Syndication (RSS), feeds, comments, revisions, UI far and plenty more. Variable And SEO Friendly Variability is the biggest and most important feature of WordPress. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using WordPress for personal blogging or as an e-commerce website. It’s easily adaptable and most appropriate to satisfy all user desires through its immense list of features, functionalities and add-ons. More than that, some of the better-positioned sites are generated by WordPress due to its swift framework and more specifically because it is really easy to crawl. Secured Platform For Users WordPress delivers a few continuously changing features to their users and has become the world’s most sought-after content management system. you must not be surprised that it’s almost all the time on the hackers’ radar. However, WordPress takes security issues really seriously. It suggests users not to download or upgrade any plugin or theme from any of the unsafe websites. More than that, it updates their software in order to block the attacks. For example, version 3.7 allows a system for automatic updates to protect users against harmful or hacking attacks. Smartphones- Friendly Combination These days, people spend more time on their smartphones, which makes it necessary for almost all the business firms to portray and deliver their range of services on smartphones as well. With WordPress, you don’t have to worry about that. It’s completely mobile-friendly and offers various interesting services like email campaigns. Change Dresses Everyday Nowadays, a huge number of customers get attracted towards appearance. WordPress has thousands of free themes available. It promises to deliver exquisite and customizable themes for its users. More so as there is no limit as to how many times a user can change their themes. Arranging Post Even though it’s true that operating a website is a horribly time-consuming task, WordPress provides the option of scheduling posts. That simply means that after writing the content, you can set the time you want it to be published, taking customer habits into account. For example, if you have noticed that a massive amount of traffic comes to your site from 2 pm to 5 pm, then you can schedule a post around that specific time period. Highly Customized And Swift To Operate WordPress has an infinite number of beautiful themes and handy plugins. With just a single button, you can customize your WordPress website in order to deliver its appearance and functionality as you want. More than that, because of the apparently innumerable features, you can build your own blogging website or online business website that you had dreamt of in all these years. AppSierra, a reputed IT agency situated in Noida, India is voted as one of the best digital marketing company in India. We also deal with Software quality assurance, mobile app development and web development projects and believe in using the latest tech tools in order to deliver unique and rich quality solutions. The best part is this that WordPress.com, allows you to build any kind of site you want: business site, blog, portfolio etc. With WordPress, the sky is the limit.