Benefits of Choosing Laravel in PHP Application Development

In this write up, we are going to discuss some very genuine reasons which makes PHP Laravel framework mainstream framework to create apps and websites in the most agile and advanced manner making PHP application development a widespread and accepted technology first developed by Taylor Otwell. Millions of PHP developers across the world will always be thankful for this amazing and magical framework. 35,231 stars on GitHub is a proof reliable enough to prove the efficiency and agility of this framework. Features of Laravel in PHP Application Development are as following: Developer-friendly releases: Whatever the versions of PHP has been released till now, especially the Laravel versions, one thing which is common among all versions is that it has proper and developer-friendly documentation. When the documentation of any framework, it becomes instantly favorite of the developers because it becomes easier for the developers. They can relate it with the earlier versions, also they are able to use the technology in a very much correct manner in PHP application development. Clean Syntax with the best ORMS: ORM is the basis of PHP Laravel framework. It is definitely the best ORM among the others available. The full form of ORMs is Object Relational Mapping software. It is the best because PHP developers find it very easy to write code in a clean syntax and thus, it is the best CRM out there. Developers’ Delight with Blade: PHP developer, once a PHP developer, always a PHP developer. Thanks to the fact that Blade lets them write the code efficiently and in a quick manner. Developers love to write their HTML code using Blade- which is a rich template engine. They can pick up the syntax and use it very easily. Improved Authentication Levels: If we talk about the latest and newest version of Laravel, we see that there is a much improved and efficient and better authentication system. It has already been integrated and implemented with the latest release of PHP Laravel framework. The benefit behind this is that the developers doesn’t need to write authentication codes everytime they develop a new app. Isn’t it an amazing feature? Podcasts for Laravel: Laracasts: One of the best gifts that can be make the developers super happy is the constant tutorial support in the form of Podcasts. Similar was initiated by Jeffrey Way and maintained by him. He thought of Laracasts= Laravel + Podcasts. A unique program to share knowledge with the fellow PHP developers! Who want to learn new codes and syntaxes. This tutorial is also available in the vIdeo Documentation of Laravel release latest version. Automatic Pagination of data: The list of benefits of PHP Laravel is endless. To add to the list further, we have this benefit of PHP Laravel that developers are able to easily build API and web services. Pagination of data feature is really of great use for the PHP developers. How this feature helps auto-pagination of data from the database. Definitely a feature that can easily put smile on the face of the PHP developers. Extensible Architecture: Efficient PHP Framework: Code faster. Better Coding. User-friendly. These 3 factors above give the speed and efficiency that every PHP developer longs for and this has been gifted by the Laravel framework. Advantages of PHP Framework for ultimate PHP application development: There are plethora of benefits of developing websites and apps as well as web apps using PHP framework if developing a website using it. Developers get a full-fledged chance to create websites with amazing innovative and creative techniques. Because of the built-in dynamic functionalities in PHP Laravel framework, it is possible to create amazing websites. Developers can create the websites with some extraordinary set of functions which makes the tasks of the developers much easier to accomplish. Quick and efficient coding methods make it detangled for the PHP developers use this framework. As we know that the Database is a vital component of any project. What is database by the way? It is the central point where the complete data about any project is saved and called when it is needed. For the requirements of database, what is used in PHP is MySQL. It is based on MVC (Model-View-Controller) – An architectural pattern which helps the developers maintain their code easily by structuring it. The template or the code can be easily modified when required. In a nutshell: One latest framework that will be the favorite of the PHP developers in 2018 is definitely Laravel- a lightweight Blade- based framework. It lets the developers across the world create stunning and functionality-rich top-notch apps in the most efficient manner possible!