How to Fail at Email Marketing Campaign

The world is in a perennial lack of time. Which makes any form of marketing campaign a tricky business. Many a rushed moment have been wasted in sales calls being denied and advertisements being overlooked. The marketing world is ruled by relevant information targeted at the right audience. Keeping that in mind, here are some possible reasons for failure that should be avoided in order to succeed at an email marketing campaign. 1. The Subject Line looks like spam Subject lines that are too general go unread. Make sure it doesn’t look like a spam by skipping bold offers, all uppercase letters and too many exclamation marks. Subject lines are probably the most important part of the message as they provide a first impression to the reader and give them a basic idea about the purpose of the email. They must therefore be written with specific care. 2. The mail isn’t optimally personalised While personally writing to each contact is impossible, it always helps to segment your mailing list and sending out personalised messages as the audience may belong to several different categories and may have differing priorities and needs. 3. The message is overselling There is a fine line between enticing a viewer and overselling. A good message offers fresh information while keeping it precise and short. If you keep the subject line to be something unbelievable, you’ll either end up deleted or you’ll make the rest of the message underwhelming. 4. Content isn’t optimised for mobile Studies suggest that about 40% users view mail on their cell phones while 69% of these users delete a mail that is not optimised for mobile. So make sure that your image, text and formatting are all optimised for mobile. 5. Sending to bad email addresses If you’re importing contacts from a seller, make sure that they are all from relevant industries and are functional. Sending to contacts that are no longer in use naturally decreases your chances of a conversion. Even if they are genuine leads, make it a habit to keep your mailing list updated. The world is in a perennial lack of time. If you’re taking someone’s time, at least make it worth it.