Use Smart Door Locks And Secure Home The Smart Way

Smart door locks are designed and developed by companies as part of the Internet of Things revolution and aim to take away the stress from home security. They accomplish this with the following features. App Integration A Smart door lock depends on an app for almost all of their functionalities. The features of this app and the ease of access they provide to the user are numerous. The first thing an app eliminates is the need for duplicate keys, solving the huge convenience of losing or misplacing one’s keys. The smart door lock is connected to a secure home network and thus remains connected to the user’s mobile device. So regardless of the user’s locations, it can be accessed from anywhere. This means when users forget to lock their door in a hurry, they can simply open the app later and lock it. The smart lock also alerts the user if they leave without locking the door. People will also have fewer moments of panic when their eyes open in the middle of the night, and they have to check whether they locked their door. All they need to do is turn over and check their phone. People with multiple entry doors on their house can install smart locks on all of them and lock them all with one click. Guest Access Conventional door locks offer little to no flexibility when it comes to allowing access to guests or visitors. Smart locks, however, are the best solution to this issue. Since they use digital keys instead of physical ones, users can send copies of their digital keys to their relatives, friends, or other people like babysitters they expect to arrive in their absence. The guests can use the digital key if they have the app on their smartphone. A lot customization is also allowed for guest keys. They can be given access during certain periods of time or on certain days of the week. The user can even set an expiry date on the guest keys. People are using it for giving access to delivery persons to keep the valuable packages inside the house rather than on the porch. Smart locks also have smart cameras for an added layer of security. Advanced Security Conventional locks lack the advanced protection smart locks readily offer. Smart locks alert the users if it is being tampered with in any way like repeatedly putting in wrong passwords. Even if a guest tries to use an expired password, the user will know. If sharing a password becomes a hassle, the user can simply remote unlock the door by being assured of safety because of the camera. Backups like an actual key or an emergency password are also present in case the user’s phone dies. In conclusion, a smart door lock has immensely useful features like app integration, guess access, and advanced security that add so many layers of security and convenience to the users making them a very viable home security solution.