Cyber Warrior Army in India

In today’s digital age where internet is fast penetrating to even remote areas of the country and the world, data has come to be valued as an important resource. This is the reason why organizations are putting in great efforts to leverage this invaluable treasure trove to improve their functioning and promote growth. On the other hand, hackers and cyber-criminals are leveraging the available advanced technology to orchestrate breaches and cyber-attacks for a variety of reasons ranging from espionage, financial gain, website defacement, damage to physical infrastructure and so on. The past decade has seen a slew of major cyber-attacks on private and government organizations that have exposed the alarming gaps in cybersecurity and have led to hefty losses financially and otherwise. In the Indian context, there have been several attempts and some successful cyber-attack by some citizens and groups from its adversary nations like Pakistan to deface websites of government departments and agencies and private institutions, demand ransom to release breached websites, to spread malicious and hate content, etc. These hack and attacks have exposed the glaring lack of preparedness and gaps and vulnerabilities in the cybersecurity of Indian web and digital properties, private and public. Some of these attempts have been averted and some avenged by cyber warrior army in India. However, to improve the overall cybersecurity and improve preparedness, it is crucial that there are more cyber warriors working in public and private sectors who are well-remunerated and looked after. Who are cyber warriors? Cyber warriors are IT and security professionals who are well-equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools to identify gaps and vulnerabilities in networks, systems, applications and overall IT infrastructure, put together measures to defend these from potential threats and effectively respond when hacks take place. They work proactively to the vulnerabilities in the networks and systems before the black hat hackers can find them and work towards fixing them. They plan strategies for cybersecurity for organizations and put in place risk mitigation and post-attack response plans. Cyber warriors enable organizations to save millions financially and help to the reputation, trade/intelligence secrets, etc. intact. Cyber warrior army of India India’s cyber warrior army, as mentioned earlier, has helped the country in averting attacks and also avenging some of these orchestrated by its adversary nation-states. But there are only a handful of cyber warriors with certified skills and expertise. The main reason for this has been a lack of understanding of the importance of cybersecurity by the government and businesses in India who are not willing to adequately invest in it and in hiring cyber warriors. Some of the Indian cyber warriors are servicing businesses and organizations globally where they are handsomely-remunerated for their work, unlike in India. There is a slow change in trend, at least in the private sector, where investments are increasing, and more certified cyber warriors are being employed as also in the Indian army. In the years to come, there will be a major change like in the developed countries and certified cyber warriors will be valued more and paid more. Becoming a certified cyber warrior One of the best ways to become a Cyber Warrior is the Certified Cyber Warrior from IIIT Bangalore in association with FISST and Talentedge.