Automatic Boom Barrier And Sliding Gates to Enhance Security And Regularise Vehicles

What is the modern way to implement efficient and automated security checkpoint to monitors the entry and exit of vehicles? We are living in the edge of technology there our entire manual systems are going to be automated, this same reflects on vehicle check points system, either most of them are automated now or they are going to be. There are plenty of automated vehicle entries and exit check points system available in the market now these days, but few of them are very popular and often found on every toll plaza and parking lot like automatic boom barrier and automatic sliding gates. There we are going to understand where automatic sliding gates and boom barrier are useful, how they works and how they are saving human efforts. Automatic Boom Barrier Automatic boom barrier are very commonly found at checkpoints and entrances to restricted areas, parking lot, railway crossing, toll plaza. Boom Barrier is basically a bar or pole placed at a pivot this is machine driven system made to move and up down in order control access of vehicles and let them pass after if they have particular premises. They come in different size and shape for both commercial and personal uses. What size you need it’s depend upon purpose and area where you have to install the system. How automatic boom barrier save human effort and security cost It made with lots of electrical, mechanical, motorize components govern by computers and electronic sensor. The smart sensor can identifies legitimate vehicle and allow them in restricted area if they have proper permission for entry. To recognise the vehicle authenticity they use electronic sensor and camera they can identify security chip and badges tagged on vehicle and let them pass. Automatic boom barrier saves human efforts instead of our traditional barriers, because it’s sensor base identification system can identify pass chip install on system automatically and allow them by making the barrier open and once the vehicle pass through the check point the barrier will automatically close for the next vehicle and repeat the same process again. There if the vehicle does not prove his authenticity the barrier does not open. This way automatic boom barrier reduce human intervention and less use of manpower helps to reduce process cost too. Automatic Sliding Gates Automatic sliding gates are also enable with the sensor, camera, electronics govern by computers. Somehow we can say that it’s electromechanically driven remote controlled steel gates that can slides horizontally to allow legitimate vehicle inside.