Essential Skills You Must Possess to Become The Perfect Android App Developer

There are so many different programming skills, tools, and technologies that a professional needs to know today to stand out as the best in the crowd of app developers. Knowing the platforms, operating systems, and the app market has also become necessary to create the best projects for companies. And the reason is the high demand and use of applications by people of all ages and groups around the world. You must be surprised to know that according to the Stats Reports, Two-third of the total population of the world owns its own mobile phone Around 2.1 billion people own a smartphone today And Android operating system shares around 40 percent of the smartphone market and is much more popular as compared to iOS with 13 percent and Windows with a 36 percent market share. Based on these reports or figures, hope you can make a guess that Android simply rocks as the mobile OS now and ensures a bright future for the developers who want to go ahead with android projects. But, it may not be actually that easy as it may sound as the professionals must be expert in a few required skills. Handling diverse kinds of projects need expertise in certain skills and emerging technologies. Some of these are listed out here for every potential android application developer here. Here’s what you must know to be an expert android app developer. Programming technologies: Java and XML: Java and XML are the core of android app coding. Java is one of the most important object-oriented programming languages with strict coding structure and rules for data handling. Android application development deals with mobile devices where you also need to know more programming skills along with Java. For android application development, concerns like processing power, memory allocation, and battery draining are some of the known issues developers face every time they build a project. Hence, the coding must be precise, elegant, and clean to ensure high performance and great intractability. Therefore, android application developers should learn high coding structure to come up with the best projects. In this case, XML can be helpful for the developers for creating layouts and act as the foundation for the UI definition. Knowledge of Programming Tools: Without an Integrated Development Environment that is IDE, project management and large scale coding prove to be a nightmare. Therefore, this platform has introduced an amazing IDE that is Android Studio. The IDE comes with tools, code templates, and services to give a kick start to the project. Android Studio is designed with IntelliJ and have the support of the common Android SDKs. The IDE has several seamless features like auto-suggestions, code completion, CPU monitors, code debugging features, and more. It makes coding and the life of the developer much simpler and faster when it comes to android application development. Having expertise over the IDE is really important now. Android SDKs or Software Development Kits is the fancy name for prepackaged codes in Java. It offers easy access to the specific hardware and software functionalities of mobile devices like camera, accelerometer, etc., to provide native device experiences to all the users. The Gradle is the library in the Android SDK, which combines together the other third-party or external SDKs and offers a seamless experience to the end-users while using the applications. The use and integration of these external features or services demand the API that is the Application Programming Interface for accessing the services and using it consistently like data transfers and exchanges. Databases are also the core of every application that runs on the Android platform. Android apps need SQL based databases such as No SQL and SQLite or cloud-based databases to exchange data with external apps and services. Hence, the Android application developers should gain mastery in these operational and technical skills to deliver outstanding projects for the Android App users.