The Top 7 Dumbest PC Virus Misconceptions

Viruses undoubtedly are a huge problem for PC customers. Each and every year there are thousands and thousands of computers which are harmed and destroyed all because of virus problems. One of the causes of that is because present day viruses are different in each and every way compared to what they were a few years ago. It’s crucial to consider how to get rid of viruses now compared to the traditional terms, but most people who use computers are not aware of these changes. This results in different beliefs that computer users begin to have. These are a few beliefs commonly held about PC viruses, and all of them are actually myths. 1) Viruses are the cause of every single problem in my computer – Even though this is true to a point, because viruses typically create the majority of the problems to a PC, but not all. There may be other issues which might be causing your PC to not work perfectly. 2) My computer has got an anti-virus software installed, therefore it is fully protected – This is a entirely incorrect approach, to count on any old anti-virus software installed, especially if you want to know how to get rid of viruses altogether. Today’s viruses are created with characteristics that make it easy for them to bluff even the best anti-virus softwares. To be able to combat this, it’s extremely important to have the best anti-virus program and make sure to update it on a consistent basis. 3) I’m going to understand when viruses attack my computer – This was feasible before but now the virus’ makers know the tricks of concealing their viruses from the detection of anti-viruses. For you to remain on the same page as these sneaky people, you should buy the most effective anti-virus software and update it regularly. 4) Viruses are unable to physically damage my computer – This is one of the most common things users are not aware of. Now computer viruses can in fact harm your machine physically, and as a matter of fact some are exclusively designed to mess up hardware. Most of the time what’s messed up is the hard drive. Though it’s much easier to damage software, it is essential to protect your computer from these problems so your hardware will stay intact. 5) Only .exe files can be harmful to my computer – This is far from the truth! Presently there are more than forty file types, or extensions, which may contain or spread a virus; some of the most commonly seen today are .eml, .doc, .pif, .exe, .reg, .jpg, .xls, .vbs, and .zip. 6) I should download more than one anti-virus to be totally protected – If you have installed one of the top brands of anti-virus programs, you do not need any more. Make sure you update the anti-virus often though. 7) I must install the suggested anti-virus if a warning pops up – Should you ever see a pop up on the web that tells you that you have a virus problem, don’t download that program. Quite a few of these hijack your PC. Unless you know for a fact the virus pop up is from your anti-virus software, don’t listen to the pop-up. It is time for you to realize that the facts are different from the myths. If folks continue to follow these myths, then they’ll never understand how to get rid of viruses!