Factors Based on Which to Choose a Receipt Printer

The receipt printers are a part of the Point of Sale system. They find wide application in printing customer receipts or credit-card slips in retail environments, restaurants etc. There are various types of receipt printers such as dot matrix, thermal, inkjet etc. Dot matrix printers are cost-effective, reliable and involve low operating cost. Thermal printing is the process of digital printing that produces the printed image by heating selectively coated thermal paper or thermochromic paper. Compared to the dot matrix, the thermal printers print faster and silently. They are lighter, smaller, portable and consume low power. They find wide application in the retail environments. The commercial application of the receipt printers includes POS systems, information kiosks, filling ‘station pumps’, for printing labels for shipping products etc. The thermal printers are even used for recording the live rhythm strips on the cardiac monitors. Factors to Take Into Account before Investing in a Receipt Printer Connection: Before investing in the printer you should take into account how it can interface or connect with the computer. There are various interfaces to consider such as USB, RS-232 Serial, Parallel etc. Learn about the number of ports or types available on the computer and the peripherals required for connection through existing ports. Compatibility: Compatibility of the Epson receipt printer with the POS software is an important aspect to take into account before investing in a printer. It is essential to check up with a software dealer before investing in one. If you have plans to use a printer-connected cash drawer, make sure the printer is consistent with the ‘cash drawer’. Other Features: You need to consider a whole lot of other features before investing in a printer such as a printer speed, resolution etc. Among the other features to consider while investing in a printer is whether it would make use of the auto cutter or tear bar. It is a good decision to invest in a printer with an auto cutter for the extra benefit it offers. It is wise to invest in a printer that allows easy and fast changing of the paper rolls. This would increase the efficiency in your business as you would not keep the customers waiting. Cost: Budget is undeniably an important factor to consider while looking for receipt printers. They are available in all budgets but you should never compromise on your requirements for purchasing one. Ensure you invest wisely in accommodating your requirements. Eco-Friendly: It is a good idea to invest in a printer that can save energy and minimize wastage of paper. Both these factors enormously contribute towards making the environment harmonious and allow significant saving in the cost. Brand: It is recommended to invest in printers of reputed brands such as Casio, Epson, Nexa, Posiflex, Citizen, SAM4S, Samsung- Bixolon, etc. Printers from well-known brands like the Epson receipt printers are more reliable, function optimally and provide better warranty options compared to the lesser known brands. It is essential to take note of the above-mentioned factors for investing in the right receipt printers.