Different Kinds of Label Printers in The Market

Many businesses use label printer to create labels and tokens. But not every business uses the same label printer. For every different business sector, there is a different kind of label printer available in the market. There is a need for extensive research of the different types of label printers in the market so that you get to know which one to purchase according to the kind of industry and your requirement. Below mentioned are the different kinds of label printers available to use: Desktop Label Printers These desktop label printers are used by people who have very little use for label printers. This is bought for light use printing. These are quite expensive printers and often have rolls of labels which are almost up to 4 inches wide to be used for printing. They do not make much sound while printing and are often quite which makes it a good use in offices where large sound making machines are not appreciated. Commercial Label Printers They can handle more heavy printing than desktop label printers and can use rolls that are Upton the size of 8 inches wide. These printers are often used in small stores. They can produce a medium volume of prints which makes it an ideal choice for sectors which produce a medium amount of labels and tokens. Industrial Label Printers These printers are used in warehouses, factories and big industries which produce large scale products. They need large scale and a continuous amount of labels to be kept printing. These big scale industries need a printer which can produce large amounts of token or labels each day. They are mainly a distribution center, which produces a large number of products each day. These industrial printers are very expensive due to its large scale printing but they are also very durable. They can produce hundreds or even thousands of labels daily. Portable Label Printers Just like the name suggests they are portable and does not need to be fixed in one place. This makes it quite easy to use at whatever place printing is needed. They can support from light use to industrial volume printing. This makes it an ideal choice to be used from office spaces to warehouses and factories. There are different ranges of portable printers suitable for different industries. They are mostly used when there is no designated place to fix the printer and it might be needed in different places in the same office or warehouse. It is better to buy one portable printer than buy different printers for different areas in the same space and increase the cost. Personal Label Printers These are small label printers which are handheld and are used to print really small amounts of the label. They are mainly used in homes and small personal offices where the amount of print is very less and it not even is required every day. There is a specially designed pair which is inserted into the printer and then the label is printed on it which can be pulled and stuck on the item you need. These are the various kinds of label printers available in the market and you can find the perfect kind of printer which can match your requirement.