How to Convert PDF Files to JPEG in Bulk?

Files on a computer can be found in many different forms. These different forms are known as file types and the file type you select is dependent upon your personal needs. For instance, text documents usually are saved as either DOCX files (open with Microsoft Word) or PDF files (open with Adobe). A range of file types also exist for image files. A couple of the most common file types for images are bitmap files (BMP) and JPG files (JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group). PDF files also have the unique capacity to contain a bitmapped image within the file alongside text, pages, and other changes. The difference between PDF and JPG files is the size and contents of the file. The file size is dependent upon several factors within the file. PDF files have the ability to be resized without loss because of the nature of how information is processed within the file. A PDF file saves text directly to the page so quality won’t be lost through resizing. This property is also accurate for vector images within the PDF file, which are images consisting of shapes as opposed to pixels. However, a BMP image within the PDF will lose quality during resizing. JPG images are compressed files, which means they are smaller and easier for storage. The more compact file size also means they are more suitable for uploading to the Internet as uploading a full PDF file needs much more time to incorporate the additional quality features. However, JPG files can feature approximately 16 million colors as opposed to the select few created in a PDF file. It isn’t challenging to envision a scenario where alteration from PDF to JPG may be desirable. A lengthy document may need distribution but is too large to be uploaded in a timely manner. A PDF file simply includes too much information to suit fast upload speeds. However, a JPG image will have the information compressed so it is more easily portable. A fast search online will reveal a number of SaaS (software as a service) sites that offer to perform file conversion. These websites allow for a file to be uploaded, converted, and then downloaded. An important drawback to these programs is the consistent uploading and downloading. This includes a large amount of extra time to the conversion process. Also, numerous sites only allow for conversion of one file at a time. This results in issues for anyone with hundreds or thousands of pictures that require reformatting. Fortunately, a short search for ‘Convert PDF to JPG software’ at will bring up an amazing program for bulk file conversion. This application allows for large numbers of image files to be converted from PDF to JPG format with only a few mouse clicks. After opening the program, you will discover that the full program works within a single window, easing any fears of getting lost or confused within the program. At the top of the window is a field that exhibits whichever files you want to change. Directly below this field is a button labeled ‘Add File(s)’ that permits files to be included in the program. There is also the ability for the program to look for images within a particular folder. Finally, the very bottom of the window has the command to begin the process. After the program launches it will change your files and feature a completion window when the program is done.