Blockchain-based Bitnautic Platform Set to Reshape Logistics & Shipping Cargo Business

If a new business has to be acquired in the shipping sector these days, a few aspects also follow- such as the quality of the whole logistic process (from supplier to end receiver) and the service hence rendered, making information available to the users and also provide flexibility for the same. This determines how the parties control their businesses and also the entire costs of the whole process. It has come to sight by customers that, there is an increasing tendency to exercise control over the logistic process in order to better plan their follow-up actions. When the required information is made directly accessible to customers, they can organize the logistic processes such that there is less time spent en route. This prompts a requirement for a customer portal with an accompanying app. The points discussed above are the contemporary capabilities; later on, there will be even more far-ranging requirements. As a result, technologies like Blockchain and IOT (Internet of things) are proving to bring upgradations to logistic process. It is known very well that the quality of logistic processes should be transparent which a deliberate component of the same. Several high-end private companies have heavily invested in logistics networks, which may also include their own shipping companies and ports. The main reason for this is that these companies are trying to cut costs by avoiding dependency and taking the process fully under their control. As a result, BitNautic introduces the use of Blockchain technology which helps in changing the way logistic processes are managed. Blockchain technology is very much in the news as it is responsible for the introduction of cryptocurrencies. BitNautic, found online at, is a decentralized marketplace/ platform for commodities, where end-consumers, importers/exporters, and manufacturers /producers of goods can trade their products with more ease using the Blockchain technology. The goal of the decentralized platform, according to the official website, is “to help everyone, from end-consumers to the ship owners, Shipping companies to the Agents/brokers, small or large courier companies, Manufacturers, Producers (farmers), the traders, and the investors around the world to facilitate their ventures and ease the trading practices by connecting all the continents to one unique platform.” BitNautic can provide the following features that one would necessitate in the shipping business: Transport System: BitNautic has plans to acquire a certain number of ships which will mainly cater to the transportation needs of the in-house trading arm of the business. AI(Artificial Intelligence) based Booking system: The list of ships available to carry cargo will be made accessible to the user based on the current location. The best matched lowest prices will be given to the user from which they will have the option to choose from multiple packages from different service providers based on specifications- weight, time frame, destination, address, source address. Brokerage system: A real-time ship brokerage system for ship owners, broker agents, and the courier companies; all possible with the BitNautic platform. The brokerage system of BitNautic will give ship-owners an opportunity to offer the ships which they can avail to get going on the job. Ship & Cargo Tracking System: An AI (Artificial Intelligence) based ship and cargo tracking system will be provided by BitNautic for its customers which can also be used to view the status and position of ships in real time. E-commerce Platform: Here a platform for trade deals is provided which is fast, simple and secure, and uses global digital currency removing all the difficulties associated with fiat currency. Shipping and cargo marketplace (SCM): It provides a common platform for shippers and traders to connect and to ease the transaction process. Mobile Application: As mentioned above, BitNautic provides a mobile app for booking and tracking purposes as well as providing detailed reports for the same. Exclusive deals and discounts: Based on the behavior of the users, the BitNautic platform offers deals which we believe will prove as an important milestone. Special deals would be arranged for retaining customers and meeting all their expectations.