4 Reasons Why Your Enterprise Needs An Integrated AI Chatbot

Unfortunately, a lion’s share of this time is taken up by emails, meetings and calls. As per HBR, this accounts for as high as 80 percent of the itinerary. Thankfully, an Integrated AI Chatbot holds the key to a lot of modern enterprise solutions. While some companies are relegating AI chatbots to the back offices of their customer service department, other organizations are allowing this disruptive technology to overhaul and better their business operations. Promptly Resolve Close-Ended Issues. Increase Turnaround Times To be sure, the commercial chatbots that are now flooding the market are first-generation bots. While some of them are technological marvels that supersede the human agents, most others are playing catch up. However, almost all chatbots worth their salt are demonstrably successful at resolving close-ended issues. For instance, if you are an office manager, a significant portion of your day is spent answering basic questions of your colleagues and handholding them through office processes. This could include such simple queries as how to retrieve or regenerate passwords, booking the conference room or inquiring after the salary date. All the aforementioned issues can be readily resolved by any proficient AI chatbot, freeing up an ample amount of time for the employees to attend to more complex and pressing tasks. Substantially Reduce Operational Costs According to chatbotslife.com, AI chatbots can lower operational costs by as much as 30 percent. Time and again, they have proven to be remarkably effective at repetitive or mechanical tasks. For example, an AI chatbot installed to assist HR operations can keep a monthly track of holidays or weekends and the number of leaves that individual employees are taking. Not only can it process expense claims, but AI chatbots can also even submit them on behalf of the human personnel. When West Monroe surveyed around 500 managers in the US, around 36 percent of them reported to spending anywhere between 3-4 hours every day responding to close-ended emails and performing administrative tasks. Chatbots can efficiently handle the bulk of this daily work. By automating most repetitive and mechanical processes, they help to streamline operations and reduce costs. Conduct Engaging Research-Surveys Information on consumer behavior, their queries and responses are the Holy Grail for any private enterprise. Unfortunately, inducing customers to participate in research or surveys is a challenge that has failed the bravest of business managers. Chatbots have an innovative solution to this age-old problem. By converting monotonous and one-sided questionnaires into engaging conversations, they remove the mundane element from the data-gathering process. Additionally, when chatting with an intelligent and humorous bot, people are more forthcoming in providing insights that are invaluable to any organization. Effective Project Management Tool Imagine, for a moment, the following scenario – you possess an AI project management assistant that can track any task, every step of the way. Not only can it set deadlines, it can also issue timely reminders to all stakeholders about the impending deliverables. Furthermore, it can drop in regularly with the individual custodians to gauge progress. Need an assistant who can jot down the minutes of the meet? How about a trusted member of the team who will shoulder the responsibilities of collecting the daily hours of each team member? AI chatbots are adept at carrying out all the aforementioned functions and then some. Today, they are transforming project management across industries, far and wide. If you are in the market for a Conversation Bot offering, have we got the product for you! Get in touch with us today and we’ll talk shop.