Day: September 17, 2021

Support and Services

What is The Average Website Lifespan And How Long Should They Last?

How much of a shelf life does your site actually have? How long before we redesign? How do I keep engaging my audience/customers Launching a new site is an emotional rollercoaster, it’ like going on a first date, are they attractive enough? Do I feel like I can engage with the content? Will the front […]

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence – How AI Can Become a Problem Solver For us

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to overcome the biggest challenges governments face and also dramatically improve life for citizens. Around the world, companies are using artificial intelligence to automate mundane tasks, make better decisions and improve the customer experience. Governments also recognize the potential of these technologies to transform the way they organize themselves and […]

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Bitcoin Industry News – The Cryptocurrency Heading to $10000

Max Keiser is known for predicting some accurate things. This time he has predicted that Bitcoin is heading towards $10000. According to him there are a variety of factors contributing to this surge. For instance, in Asia, traders are bullish about South Korea’s decision to regulate Bitcoin as a commodity. This is a great indicating […]

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Data Recovery

Data Disaster

This article will provide important information about different data loss situations. This includes actions that make the data recovery chances even worse, the different stages of data damage by human mistakes and natural disasters. Overtime, data loss happens in one’s life. Data can disappear in a variety of ways depending on the kind of storage […]

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